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Pan Scanner Linear Probe

Wireless Ultrasound Probe

Revolutionize your diagnostic capabilities with our groundbreaking wireless ultrasound probe, recently introduced in 2022.

This versatile device offers a comprehensive suite of imaging modes, including B-Mode, M-Mode, Color Doppler, Power Doppler, and Pulsed Wave Doppler, empowering you to make informed clinical decisions with exceptional precision.

Our commitment to miniaturization has resulted in a probe with standard dimensions, maintaining exceptional ergonomics and streamlining your workflow. Additionally, the Color Box and Pulsed Doppler Steering features allow you to precisely adjust the angle of incidence for sample volume, ensuring comprehensive assessment.

The probe’s advanced construction technique ensures complete waterproofing and sanitizability (IP67 Certification), making it ideal for use in various settings, including patient bedsides and sterile environments.

Experience the power of wireless connectivity with our probe, seamlessly connecting to your device via 2.4GHz and 5 GHz WiFi channels. This high-bandwidth connection ensures fluidity and exceptional real-time imaging.

  • The wide band of operation is guaranteed by a frequency range from 3 to 12 MHz. Multifrequency and harmonic imaging (2nd harmonic) is available in all modes.
  • Maximum penetration depth over 10 cm.
  • Double Image, also with PW Doppler
  • Automatic display of the Body Marker based on the preset.
  • Automatic calculation of Doppler parameters (PS, ED, S/D, PI and RI).
  • Right/Left and Top/Bottom image inversions.
  • Automatic software for needle emphasis.
  • In-Plane” and “Out-Plane” Biopsy Guide System
  • Export images to external systems with or without patient details (WhatsApp, Cloud, etc…).
  • DICOM system complete with Storage and Worklist for interfacing with RIS-PACS systems.
  • Store static images and videos.
Intuitive and customizable interface, vertical and horizontal view, presets for all applications (Abdomen, Small Parts, Vascular, OB-GYN, Urology, Lung, Vascular, Cardiology etc…). Customize any existing preset, memorize it or make new ones.

AI system with advanced Spekle Tracking system for the study of the Lung. It allows you to “hook” in Real Time to the B Lines (through a green line superimposed on the image) and counts them automatically.

Advanced measurements with Automatic Virtual Zoom system for correct positioning of the measurement marker. The system has measurements of distances, areas, ellipses, volumes, times, angles, Fetal Biometries (also with Weight Estimation), Ejection Fraction, Velocity and Pressure Gradients.

  • USB-C recharge (also with Standard USB adapter) and Wireless Recharge with special charger supplied. The handheld regurarly works when charging and it can be also powered by your display device (e.g. tablet or mobile phone), guaranteeing unlimited operating autonomy.
  • Residual charge indication integrated on the probe

Personalized protective carrying case.

Length 115mm
Net weight: 102g

Connect to your device via WiFi or USB

The Linear Pan Scanner Probe can be connected via USB cable or WiFi to your Android/iOS device or PC.



• WiFi
• USB Type C


• WiFi


• WiFi


Flexibility and Portability

Scan conveniently and anywhere, such as in a clinic, hospital ward, emergency room or operating room

Clinical Images